Syska Ion Healthy HairDryer,HD3600i


Key Features

  • Brand Syska
  • Model NumberHD3600i
  • ColorPink, Soft White
  • Model Name Ionizer
  • Number of Speed Settings 2
  • Number of Heat Settings 3
  • Number of Attachments 1
  • Attachment Types Concentrator
  • Nozzle/Concentrator Yes
  • Cold Air Feature Yes
  • Technology Used Heat Balance Technology
  • Wattage 1500 W
  • Universal Voltage No
  • Removable Filter No
  • Hanging Loop Yes
  • Cord Length 1.8 m
  • Width 13 inch
  • Height 22.5 inch
  • Depth 9 inch
  • Weight 467 g
  • Foldable Yes
  • Warranty Summary 2 Years Warranty

For any service related queries or complaints, please call us at Syska : 1800-102-8787 

Bring your salon home with Ion Healthy Hair Dryer from Syska’s house. Get ready to style your hair without going out. Syska Ion Healthy uses a negative ion function which is great for your hair. It dries your hair faster, reduces electrostatic and makes your hair more efficiently smooth and shiny. It also reduces the chances of dry and damaged hair to keep your hair beautiful and healthy for a long time.Lock your hairstyle more efficiently with the cool dry function of this hair dryer. Don’t worry about the ion roaring in your ears because the ion is healthy which is cool for efficient drying. Its handle is foldable so you can pack it and take it anywhere.
Everyday Care for your Hair
The 1500W IonHealthy Syska Hair Dryer is exactly what you should get for drying your everyday hair. It makes everything possible with less effort and more styling, making your hair curly-free and smooth.
2 Speed Function with Cool Air Shot for Extra Care
This hair dryer comes with 2 pre-selected heat and speed settings that allow you to control the flow of air and retain moisture in your hair. It also has a cool air shot function for the desired hairstyle.
Carry Wherever you Go
This compact and light weight hair dryer comes with a foldable design that makes it easy to carry wherever you want.
Effective Drying with Less Noise
The large wind inlet with a 32 degree centrifugal dynamic system minimizes air swings for quiet and efficient drying.
Ion Function for Gorgeous Hair
Syska IonHealthy uses the amazing innovation of negative ions. These negative ions work with moisture in your hair, reducing the chances of it getting damaged and making your hair look smooth and shiny.
Over-Heat Protection
Look at every form you desire without worrying about hair loss. Syska Hair Dryer comes with over heat protection which protects your hair from excess heat.
Heat Balance Technology
Heat balance technology prevents heat concentration and evenly distributes warm air to dry your hair gently.


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