Bajaj Majesty PC DLX Vertical Water Storage tank


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Offering India’s first water heater with a pre-coated sheet metal body and attractive blossom design. It comes in 10, 15 and 25 liter variations.

Suitable for high rise building
With 8 bar pressure, the water heater can withstand pressures up to 8.0 kg / cm2 and is well suited for high rise building.

Titanium Armor Technology
A special internal tank coating that prevents rust and corrosion and results in a longer tank life.

Just proof outer body
The heater’s outer body is built with a tough ABS material that protects it from rust and keeps outsiders as beautiful as they are.

Full of energy
An energy-efficient Bajaj Majesty PC deluxe storage water heater with a capacity of 15 liters is enough to meet your daily needs of hot water.
* Conforms to BEE criteria, specifications are subject to change.

Multiple Security System
To protect you from any damage and accidents, the water heater has a number of reliable safety systems for dry heating, overheating, and over-pressure protection.

SWIRL Flow Technology
The vortex flow technology ensures 20% faster heating of water and saves energy on the same.


Best Bajaj Majesty PC DLX Vertical Water Storage tank

10Litre, 15Litre, 25Litre


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