Crompton Aura 2Designer 2D Brocade Design Ceiling Fan


Key Features
Sweep (mm)
Power Inputs (Watts)
Speed (RPM)
Air Delivery (CMM)

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5 years duratech warranty
Anti-Dust technology
High Speed (380 RPM)

The indoors just got a lot more comfortable. Crompton’s Aura collection combines beautiful design with breakthrough performance. The new range of Aura fans come with a 5 year warranty powered by Duratech, the new gold standard in performance technology. The Floral Aura designer fan lift the charm quotient of any room.

Duratech Technology

New Aura – powered by Duratech Technology comprises of premium components which is designed to deliver a superlative performance over the years.

Design Variants

New Aura series has four categories namely Aura Designer 3D, Aura Designer 2D, Aura Prime and Aura Classic. Aura Designer 3D comes with beautiful embossed lotus design in a glossy metallic finish which will add a touch of luxury to your home space.

  • Duratech Technology

    The advance components used in Duratech Technology like the double layer of copper, unique box capacitor, etc. gives fan higher durability

  • High Endurance Box Capacitor

    The sealed structure of Aura’s box capacitor comes with patented adapter and prevents contamination. This ensures superior performance over a longer period as compared to ordinary oil filled tube-type capacitors. Especially recommended for areas with high humidity and heavy rainfall

  • 2-Piece Construction

    Unlike ordinary fans, which use a 3-piece construction, the 2-piece construction of our fans makes them robust, and less prone to vibration and noise. The construction also gives the fan a pleasing appearance, since there is no visible gap between the top and bottom motor-housing segments

  • Dual Coat Copper

    Dual-coat copper, used in motor windings, offers double protection, ensuring better insulation and abrasion resistance when subjected to high temperatures and sudden overloads. This results in longer durability as compared to ordinary copper wire

  • High Standard Cold-Rolled Non-Grain-Oriented (CRNGO) Steel

    New Aura fans use cold-rolled non-grain-oriented steel (CRNGO), which is highly compatible with electric motors. The composition and the thickness of the steel ensures fan durability and efficiency

  • High Grade Electronic Motor Quality Bearing

    Electric Motor Quality bearings used for the Aura motor are the highest-grade bearings available for fans. They are silent and smooth and have the additional advantage of reduced friction and vibration

  • Anti-Dust

    Crompton’s anti dust ceiling fan attracts 50% less dust* than regular fans, thereby making it easier to clean. *Under ideal test conditions

Air Delivery (in m3/Hr)
0 to 1000
Bakers Brown, Chrome, Golden, Pearl White, Rose Gold
Fan Style
Designer, Duratech, Antidust
Colour Family
Brown, Grey, Rose Gold, White
Sweep Size


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