LivPure Bolt Copper Water Purifier(RO+UV+Mineraliser)


Key Features

  • Purification Cartridges
    Super Sediment Filter
    PA Filter
    Carbon Block Filter
    Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane
    Mineral Cartridge
    Copper 29 Cartridge
    In tank UV Sterilization
  • 6 stage advanced purification
  • 7 litres Storage Capacity
  • LED Indications-Power ON, Tank Full and Purification-in Process
  • Copper 29 infuses goodness of natural copper into water
  • UV sterilised tank
  • Elegant and sleek design
  • Wall mounted
  • Purifies water from any source

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Drinking an ample amount of water in a day is essential to keep our body healthy. But, it is even more essential to drink pure water.

Livpure Bolt Copper is built with an advanced 7 stage purification technology that gives you 100% pure water. It’s super sediment filter removes suspended dirt impurities while its special carbon filter eliminates bad taste and odor from the water.

Copper induced water is known to have many health benefits such as easy digestion and detoxification. Livpure Bolt Copper comes with a specially designed Copper 29 Cartridge to give you an extra advantage of copper.

The water purifier ensures that you get clean and safe drinking water on demand so that you stay away from waterborne diseases. Here you have the Livpure Bolt Copper Water Purifier which is available with the correct purification of water.

Superb performance
This Livpure Bolt Copper Water Purifier comes with RO, UV and Mineraliser purification technology. Wall-mounted installation is required. It has 7 stages of advanced purification. Purification cartridges include Super Sediment Filter, PA Filter, Carbon Block Filter, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane, Mineral Cartridge, Copper 29 Cartridge, Tank UV Sterilization. It comes with 7 liter storage capacity. Purification capacity: up to 12 liters / hour.
Correct Usage
The Livpure Bolt Copper Water Purifier is equipped with copper 29, which infuses the goodness of natural copper into the water. It comes with power on, purification process and tank full indication. Total dissolved solids (TDS) levels up to 2000 ppm. The operating voltage is 24 volts DC.

With a storage capacity of 7 liters and easy wall mounting facility, welcome home pure water with all the goodness of copper.

  • Installation Table Top and Wall Mounting
  • Purification Technology RO + UV + Mineraliser
  • Stages Of Purification 7 Stages
  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Levels Upto 2000 ppm
  • Purification Capacity Upto 12 Litres/hour*
  • Type Of Purifier Electric
  • Max Duty Cycle Upto 75 Litres/day
  • RO Membrane 75 GPD (Gallons Per Day)
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure 3 Kg/**
  • Minimum Inlet Pressure 0.3 Kg/*
  • Input Voltage 140-300 V AC/50 Hz
  • Operating Voltage 24 V DC
  • Sales Package Product, Installation kit, User Manual cum warranty card


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