Orient Electric Summer Pride 1200mm,RPM 320 Ceiling Fan


Key Features

  • Brand: Orient
  • Colour: Golden beige, Silver Blue
  • Number of Blades: Three
  • Sweep: 1200mm
  • Speed: 320rpm
  • PSPO Value: 460
  • Power Consumption: 65W
  • Operating Voltage: 230V
  • Additional Features: Multi colour, energy-saving, ideal for room size 12/12 to 13/14

For Any Query contact us at Orient Electric@1800-103-7574(Toll Free)

Supreme performance and stylish look
Ceiling fans have graduated to a style statement. They can enhance their home decor with their look and add a hint of elegance to their attractive colors. The Dual Tone Orient Summer Pride Ceiling Fan has a minimalist design yet looks stylish in rich gold and beige combination.It has a special integrated design on the blade for added dimension. This Orient Ceiling Fan has a powerful motor that provides optimum performance even when working at low voltage, so that you feel cold air at all times.

Excellent air delivery and great PSPO
Orient fans are known for their outstanding performance and low energy consumption and this is what this decorative ceiling fan delivers. This 3 blade sealing fan cools the room super fast with a speed of 320rpm and continuously chills air to all parts of the room with a 1200mm sweep. The Orient fan also has a great PSPO (peak speed performance output) 460 and is among the top few PSPO models. With some great features and great design, it is a great option for instant cooling.


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