Philips Food Processors 650Watts In White (HL7629/00)

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Key Features

  • 650 W
  • Compact 3 in 1 setup
  • 2 L bowl
  • Accessories for + 26 functions
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Bring home the Philips HR7629 Daily Collection food processor, make everyday cooking fun and engaging. Compact and sturdy, this white food processor will not take up too much space and you can place it in a kitchen cabinet or slab. Made from ABS housing, this food processor is permanent and strong. With this Phillip’s food processor, you get the option to choose between 2 speed settings and different blades according to food type and requirement.If you want to chop vegetables or meat, or make smoothies, switch to speed 2, which can crumble, and mix soup and smoothie perfectly. The speed 1 setting, when you need to whip eggs to prepare a cake or dough batter, can provide you with optimal results. Using and maintaining this food processor is designed to make your day to day tasks easier, it will be easier and quicker.Its bowl does not come with an internal shaft preventing spills and damage. With the shaft in this Philips food processor, it will also be easy to put the individual parts together.

Unique blade, powerful performance
This Philips Daily Collection food processor comes with different blades for different purposes. Whereas, emulsifying equipment can be suitable for preparing desserts. This will give you the right result when you kill eggs or whip cream. It will be easier to prepare thick mayonnaise and different types of dressings at home with emulsifying equipment. If volume and thickness are your requirement then use this tool in low speed setting.
For correct shredding and slicing, use stainless steel disc inserts. Select the appropriate disc, fix it to the disc holder and easily slice fruits and sliced ​​vegetables. For onions, meats and nuts, you get a unique S-shaped blade. Made of strong stainless steel, this sharp blade will give the perfect result. Now you will not have to go through the pain of cutting vegetables. Only, use this S-shaped blade, and chop the onion in a few seconds.This food processor comes with a 40% large feeding tube which helps you cut more fruits and vegetables easily. Therefore, you will no longer have to cut vegetables in small quantities, but must do it at least before cooking. Check the Philips HR7629 price and bring home this robust and powerful device to speed up your daily tasks. Creating different and new recipes for your family everyday will be easy and fun with this food processor.

For all foods or those who are always hard pressed for time, the Philips food processor white can make a good choice.


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