Havells Citrus Press 0.5L Juicer


Key Features

  • 2 pressing cones for larger and smaller fruits
  • Removable juice container for easy pouring and cleaning
  • Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation for effective juice extraction
  • Juice level indicator
  • Dust cover
  • 500ml container
  • 30 W motor speed

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Portable juice-maker for regular use
Use this Havells citrus press juicer to make healthy fruit juices easily at home. It is designed to extract juices with ease and perfection, in the comfort of your home. It works on low power of 30W. The extraction jar can hold up to 500ml of extracted juice. The jar has a juice level indicator that helps to avoid dripping and wastage. The citrus press has a double-cone structure that lets you juice both small and large fruits. The cone rotates in both the directions randomly to extract maximum juice from the fruit.

2 different sized pressing cones
The juicer has two pressing cones of two different sizes. This makes it convenient for pressing both large and small citrus fruits. Use any cone as per the requirement.

Juice level indicator
Avoid unnecessary wastage of the juice as the jar features a juice level indicator. Stop pressing the fruits once the level indicates 500ml to avoid spillage.

Transparent dust cover lid
The juice container has a transparent lid which keeps the juice clean from dust particles. It can be removed when needed. This makes the juicer easy for cleaning thoroughly. Wash the jar after every use.

Sliding spout for easy pouring
The jar features a user-friendly sliding spout. Hence pouring the juice from the jar is extremely easy and never creates a mess.

Ergonomic handle
The handle of the juicer has a curved and enclosed shape that is comfortable to hold. It is also designed in the manner to avoid accidental slipping.

Portable design
This half liter juicer is compact and easy to carry. Its portable design makes it convenient for carrying anywhere. Hence use it even when you are travelling.


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