Havells GHCOTCOK123 OTG (Black)


Key Features

  • Heat Resistant Double Glass Door
  • Grill and bake toast
  • Cool-touch Handle
  • 3 element selection
  • 60-minute timer
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Havells Oven Toaster Griller is built using the latest technologies, with superior features such as motorized rotisserie function for all round grilling, stain resistant and strong outer body with bake tray, grill rack, tongue and pizza tray. Time and temperature control dial for easy settings, food grade non-stick coated drawer type bake tray for hygenic cooking.

Warm, grill and bake instantly!
This Havells oven is multi-purpose that helps you with your cooking needs as well as makes a lifestyle statement. Its high-tech features make cooking easy and healthy. Its sophisticated temperature regulator, versatile 3 element selection and grill rack are just some of the many features it possesses. Now you can easily bake, grill, toast and roast to enjoy a great meal at your convenience.

Temperature setting 90 ° C to 230ºC with three modes
One of the most attractive features of this oven by Havells is that it is equipped with an automatic, adjustable temperature setting between 90º C to 230ºC. It adjusts the heat to ensure that food does not burn. The oven comes with a 3 element selection for baking, grilling and roasting.When guests arrive and want grilled fish, baked Alaska and roasted chicken, you can prepare all these dishes in this oven.

Cool-touch handle for safety purpose
When you use a toaster grill oven, you can burn your hands occasionally as you touch the appliance to open it. You can significantly reduce that possibility by opting for this product, which comes with a cool-touch aluminum handle.

Strong base
The strong basis of this OTG is that you keep it in your kitchen instead of placing it on the table top. The non-skid base holds it firmly so that you can easily go about your cooking preparations without having to worry about cooking it.

Double Glass Door Prevents Heat Loss
Glass has heat trapping properties. This oven has a double glass door that retains heat for fast cooking. Its see-through build lets you monitor the food being cooked inside the OTG.

Comes with bake tray
This oven comes with a non-stick coated bake tray that enables you to do hygienic cooking. The non-stick coating of the tray ensures that the food does not stick to the tray.

60 minute timer
The timer is one of the most important features in this toaster grill oven. Its extension time is from 0 to 60 minutes. This facilitates cooking as the timer includes a circular graduation marked at 10-minute intervals.


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