Havells OTG 48RC BL 1800 W (GHCOTCTK180)


Key Features

  • Rotisserie lifter
  • Grill and bake toast
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Inner Lamp
  • 60-minutes timer

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Make your food healthier!

Prepare delicious novel menus as per your convenience. Bake soft breads and delicious cakes, grill vegetables, toast oil-free flat breads, and meats to perfection. This Oven Toaster Griller can be used to cook and heat food items efficiently and quickly. The 0-60 minutes timer function stops heating automatically once the operation is complete. It features a convection function which allows you to bake food items easily. It possesses a double glass door so that you can easily see the food while being processed. It is durable and easy to clean.

Rotisserie for roasting meat
This oven features a Rotisserie, commonly known as spit-roasting. You can skewer the meat on a long solid rod (spit) while it is roasted in the oven. You have the option of cooking large joints of meat. The circular motion cooks the meat evenly.

Temperature control dial
This exclusive oven has an adjustable temperature regulator graduated with semi-circular marking ranging from 90 to 230 degree Celsius. This helps you set the desired temperatures needed for grilling, baking and toasting.

Perfect for grill and bake toast
This oven by Havells is ideal for grilling, baking and toasting. By using the six different element modes, you can grill your food and cherish smoky, charred dishes. The heating system of this oven is advanced and supplies heat from all sides to ensure faster cooking. You also have the option of toasting your food on the grates in the middle rack.

Double glass door
Glass has the quality of trapping heat. This oven features a double glass door that retains heat to ensure faster cooking. Its see-through build also lets you monitor the food being cooked inside the OTG.

Inner lamp
This oven has an inner lamp for helping you keep a clear view of the food you are grilling, roasting or baking. The lamp actually consumes less amount of energy than its rated power as the heat of the oven preheats the filament.

60-minutes timer
The timer is one of the most significant features in this toaster grill oven. It has an expansive time scale ranging from 0 to 60 minutes. This makes cooking convenient as the timer comprises a circular graduation marked at 10-minute intervals.



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