Havells Power Blend 600 w Hand blender ( White )


Key Features

  • Brand Havells
  • Color White
  • Type Hand Blender
  • Power 600 W
  • Product Type Hand Blenders
  • Power Consumption 600 W
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Power Input 230 V
  • Detachable stem easy cleaning
  • 500 millimeters beaker, 500 millimeters chopper
  • Slim ergonomic design handle and small wall mount for easy storage
  • Multi-purpose hygienic stainless steel blade for blending and pureeing
  • Two speed levels for faster blending/chopping
  • Warranty: 2 years on product

You can register your complain and Inquiry under on 1800 11 0303 / 1800 103 1313.

Soft touch buttons, low noise powerful 600 watt dc motor, 600 ml beaker ideal for blending smoothies & liquids, multipurpose hygienic stainless steel 304 blade for blending & pureeing.
Easy to clean
The hand blender has a detachable stam which makes it suitable for quick cleaning. Once this blender is uprooted, you can easily wash and store it in your kitchen.
Ergonomically designed handle
The hand blender has a thin handle. This allows you to hold your food firmly and easily while mixing. Better grip, better puree!
Comes with two speed levels
This power-packed blended has two-speed levels to provide you with versatility. You can choose between a quick and efficient blending for fast and granular blending and a normal speed for turbo speed according to your requirement.
Multi-purpose blade food
Equipped with a multi-purpose blade, this blender is suitable for fine blending and pureing. The stainless steel blade is corrosion resistant and so you can enjoy a clean blending process with this.
500 millimeter beaker
This blender comes with a 500 millimeter beaker to keep the blending process mess-free, making blending easier. The marked beaker helps you check the volume, making the process hygienic.
Ideal for blending and purification
Make a nice blend and butter puree with this easy blender, which makes the process easier for you. It is specifically designed to meet your needs of blending and pureing, to make your blending a great one.


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