Luminous Cruze 3.5KVA Inverter,RC 18000 Battery(4 Batteries)



  • Brand Luminous
  • Battery feature: low antimony alloy used – very low maintenance robust tubular plates provide many years of service excellent overcharge tolerance (accepts very deep discharge-suitable for long power cuts) tubular plate battery ideal for longer power cut areas
  • Warranty- 18+18 months capacity – 150 ah
  • Inverter feature: high over load handling capacity installationa nd maintainance friendly advanced battery mangement which enhances battery life upto 70% intelligent battery charging mechanism
  • Inverter dimension: 280(l) x 305(w) x 280(h) mm,
  • Battery dimension: 503(l) x 189(w) x 411(h) mm,
  • Backup time 500 w: 2 hrs 10 mint, 400 w: 2 hrs 50 mint, 300 w: 4 hrs, 200 w: 6 hrs 40 mint, 100 w: 15 hrs 30 mint inverter weight: 31.90 Kg, battery dry weight: 28.4 Kg, filled weight: 52.1 Kg
  • Running load combination, cfl (14 watts): 10, tube light (40 wattes): 5, ceiling fan (90 watt): 5, televion(led 40 inch): 2, desktop (250 watts): 5, wifi router: 2
  • For correct fitment
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Homes and commercial extablishment have higher power needs. Also frequent power cuts can hamper the overall performanance of the appliances. Luminous higher kva ooffers high qulaity and realiable power back up solution for running office ans sensitive equipments for correct fitment.

  • Sinewave Inverter(48V)
  • Load: 2940Watts
  • Services
  • Warranty (in months)* – Inclusive of Prorata : 18months + 18 months*
    Installation & Demo
    This product does not require installation. The features of the product are presented in the user manual that comes with it. Hence, the manufacturer does not provide on-site installation or demo for the product. In case of any queries about the installation or the features of product, kindly call us at 1800 208 9898 or (080) 49400000 for assistance.


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