Luminous Rapid Deco 1200 mm 3 Blade Ceiling Fan



  • Brand Luminous
  • Colour Chest White/ Cherry Red / Pearl Cream/ Velvet Brown
  • Type: Ceiling Fan
  • Motor Speed: 380 RPM
  • Power Consumption: 72 W
  • Blade Sweep Size: 1200 mm
  • Air Flow: 7500 cfm
  • Number of Speed Settings: 4
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Blade Size: 1200 mm
  • Fan Speed: 380 RPM
  • Air Delivery: 215 CMM
  • Design: Built with a strong motor and high-grade aluminum blades that are aerodynamically balanced
  • Number of Blades: 3
  • Motor: High-speed motor strengthened with additional copper ensures more durability
  • Operating Voltage: 220V – 240V
  • Warranty: 2 years on manufacturing defects
  • Includes: Luminous Rapid Prime ceiling fan, warranty card, and an installation guide

Elegant to look at, efficient at providing effective cooling – you can count on this fan from Luminous to keep your room airy and comfortable. It is designed with a powerful motor with 20% more copper for enhanced durability and efficient performance.
High Speed
Enjoy a cool environment at home, as this fan facilitates high speeds of up to 380 RPM.
Optimum Air Delivery
With an air delivery output of 215 CMM, this fan is all you need to make sure that your room is comfortable enough during summers.
Big fan
With shiny golden embellishments on the motor cover and blade trims, this fan will look gorgeous when it is placed in your room.
A powerful motor
This fan has a high speed and powerful motor with 20% more copper, thereby increasing its durability and performance.

Luminous Rapid Deco 1200 mm 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

Chest White, Cherry Red, Pearl Cream, Velvet Brown


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