Panasonic GX750, 4K Pro HDR Ultra HD TV



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4K UHD, IPS Superbrite Panel Plus, HCX Processor, Hexa Croma Drive PRO, HDR10 +, 30W, Cinema Surround Sound, Dolby Atmos, Swipe and Share, 2-Way BT, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Alexa and Google Assistant Works. Switch pedestal
HCX processor
This stunningly powerful chip produces unmatched cinematic quality and brings Hollywood to life in your homes.

PS LED Super Bright Panel Plus
The IPS panel provides high light transmittance and a wide viewing angle with an LED backlight, which efficiently increases brightness. IPS LED technology helps in achieving high level of picture quality. LCD televisions are usually not very bright when they are set to look their best, they are due to the types of light and the brightness needs to be limited to aid contrast.Super Bright Panels solve this problem through a combination of a new panel-driving system, a panel structure that lets light in more easily, and a highly efficient backlight system. Super Bright Panel Plus enhances brittleness to make photoes creepier and more dynamic.

Hexa Croma Drive Pro
Hexa Chroma Drive is an original Panasonic technology to provide natural, beautiful colors with “6 color reproduction”. It manages colors by adding 3 complementary colors (CMY) to the primary color axes (RGB). Images are inherently beautiful. Now you are watching. Stunning picture quality that invites you to a memorable viewing experience.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)
HDR enabled High Dynamic Range (HDR) content is able to bring your eyes closer to the way the real world is viewed. The dark black color is combined with very bright highlights so as not to produce the level of reality already possible on television

Bulit-In Home Theater
Many flat panel TV’s don’t have a high enough level of sound because of the small space for speakers. To realize a high level of sound, we adopted special speaker units for Home Theater Built-In. It improves the sound pressure and delivers robust bass. The box type structure produces resonance and high sound pressure. This provides high- quality sound.

Cinema surround sound
The specially designed box speaker provides you with a great experience that is truly engulfed in nature.

Easy mirroring
You can quickly and easily reproduce what you are showing on your portable device on the very large screen of your TV.

2-way Bluetooth link
The Panasonic Bluetooth Audio Link function easily connects to a wireless audio speaker via Bluetooth to provide powerful sound with the need for complex settings. Great for listening to high volume music with high picture quality. Music content from a smartphone or tablet device can also be played on a TV speaker. A high volume of music can be enjoyed from TV speakers in rooms that are not equipped with audio systems.

My home screen
My home screen allows the consumer to easily customize their own UI. Add your favorite apps and settings at one point for easy and convenient access.

Works With Google Assistant

Works with alexa

Swipe and share
This feature lets you ‘throw away’ content by swiping your fingers from smart device to TV screen with your portable device.

Panasonic GX750, 4K Pro HDR Ultra HD TV(43inches,55inches)

43inches, 55inches


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