Philips Style Care Multi Hair Styler In Black (BHB862/00)


Key Features

  • 16 mm barrel
  • 200°C temperature
  • Ceramic coating
  • Ready to use indicator        Yes
  • Swivel cord                            Yes

All you need is bouncy curls

16mm curling barrel for bouncy curls and ringlets
With barrel diameter of 16 mm barrel you can make bouncy, full of life curls and ringlets for joyful and youthful look.

Protective ceramic coating for extra soft styling
The protective ceramic coating also ensures heat distribution and less hair loss for shiny and soft hair.

High temperature 200 ° C for optimum results
The 200 ° C high heat temperature guarantees optimal results, while minimizing hair loss.

Cool tip for easy and safe use
The tip of the styler is made from a special heat insulating material to keep it cool; If you are styling for ease of use then you can hold it securely.

2 years of world wide guarantee
Philips offers a full 2-year guarantee for this product to ensure that you have a longer lifetime product to use every day.


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