Racold CDR Storage (V) Water Heater


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This geyser with a capacity of 15 liters consumes very little electricity (4 star energy saver). It has a durable steel body with a high quality powder coating, a quality heating element and an insulation system. The seating type is vertical and weighs 7 liters. Gives great performance even under pressure.

Corrosion Protection with SPHP

The protective polymer coating on the inner container resists corrosion from hard water. The heating element of this water geyser lasts longer as it has a coating of magnesium.

Better Energy Efficiency

This Racold water heater has improved energy efficiency and reduced energy wastage. The thick high-density PUF insulation featured on this water heater prevents excessive dissipation of heat.

Safety First

This water geyser has three safety measures against high temperature and pressure, provided by a high tech adjustable thermostat, cut-out and a multi-function safety valve that conforms to international standards.

High-Pressure Resistance

The high water pressure resistance of this water heater makes it suitable for use in a home that has a pressure pump installed or a high rise building.

Heating Element Protected by Smart Guard

The special anode used in this water geyser uses an electrolytic process to protect the heating element from corrosion. This enhances its life span.

Rustproof Body

This Racold water geyser has a rustproof outer body that does not corrode.


The super polymer coating used in this water geyser prevents water contamination.

Racold CDR Storage (V) Water Heater

10Litre, 15Litre, 25Litre


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