Crompton Airbuddy kitchen Fan


Key Features

Speed (RPM)
Power Input (Watts)
Air Delivery (MCH)

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The Air Buddy kitchen fan has flexible installation and an adjustable louver for the desired airflow that allows the homemaker to enjoy a cool breeze of air without disturbing the gas flames while cooking.

  • Ceiling Fan

    The wide coverage area of normal fans means that the airflow from the fan disturbs the gas flame and therefore your cooking experience.

  • Ceiling Fans vs Air Buddy Kitchen Fan

    Why do you need to switch off the fan when the gas flame is on? Do you always need to sweat while you cook? No more!

  • Air Buddy Kitchen Fan

    The Air buddy’s soft, focused airflow ensures that you cook comfortably and the gas flame remains undisturbed.

  • Flexible Application

    Adjustable to your needs, it comes with the option of wall mounting, horizontally and vertically. It can also be placed vertically on a designer base as per your convenience.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Along with a surface that can be cleaned easily, it comes with removable filters to ensure a hassle-free upkeep.

  • Personalised Air-flow

    The soft, personalised airflow ensures that you #CookSweatFree! It enhances your comfort in the kitchen, while also ensuring that the gas flame remains undisturbed.

  • Adjustable Speed and Airflow

    The speed and the airflow direction can be controlled and adjusted. This ensures that the airflow focuses on you while you focus on your food.


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