Crompton Lifestyle Uranus Ceiling Fan


Key Features
Sweep (mm)
Power Inputs (Watts)
Speed (RPM)
Air Delivery (CMM)

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Magnificent Carvings for a royal decor
Decorative lampshades to Enhance Beauty
Convenience Pull Cord for Speed and light Control

Crompton Uranus Ceiling fan balances utility and aesthetics. The elegant metallic shade along with the intricately crafted lamp shades makes the central design a focal point. The four blade design in Uranus ensures maximum air delivery.

Uranus is yet another masterpiece that lends a premium feel to spaces and keeps it cooler.

  • Magnificent Carvings

    Intricately carved fused with metallic tinge perfectly blends the old-world charm and contemporary designs

  • Decorative Lampshades

    Enhance the beauty of your space with royal lighting

  • Convenient Speed and Light control

    Pull the respective cord attached to the fan to control the speed and light as per your convenience


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