Crompton Pedestral Fans Whirlwind Gale


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Crompton brings you a variety of fans including ceiling fans, exhaust fans, table fans, tower fans, pedestal fans, and wall fans. Crompton’s fans produce the least noise for a peaceful indoor environment. Pedestal fans provide an ideal solution for staying cool in hot and humid summer months.They are convenient and can be used both indoor and outdoor, providing air blast in areas where airflow cannot reach them easily. Compared to other fan types, the walking fan is equipped with an adjustable height. The oscillating gait of the pedestrian fan allows for wider coverage while meeting specific cooling needs. The tornado is a high-speed high-performance fan.

  • Pedestal fan with 3 speed energy saving motor
  • Safe: Thermal overload protect and finger proof grill
  • Sturdy: Strong base for stability and sturdy design with abs blade, long lasting motor, strong and durable stand and junction box
  • User friendly: Wide oscillation with motorized control and smooth spring loaded knob for easy fan operation
  • High performance: High air delivery and high fan speed
  • Aerodynamically designed balanced heavy duty ABS blade
  • Superior low voltage performance
  • Tilt adjustment for adjusting the fan at desired angle
  • Warranty: 2 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase
Top Best Crompton Pedestral Fans Whirlwind Gale 400mm

Black, white, Read White, White Red


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