Crompton SilentPro Enso Ceiling Fan


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SilentPro is a fan uniquely designed to offer improved air delivery with a silent operation. Sweep: 1200 mm, Speed: 315 rpm, Air delivery: 240 mm, Service price: 5.71

The aerodynamic design of the abs reduces air friction, increasing the number of turns per minute and assuring high performance in silence. The smart operation remembers the fan speed mode before closing the switch and runs on the same mode when switched later.
At an air delivery of 240 CMM, the Silpro Enso offers air comfort that is the best rival to the conventional fans available on the market. The fluidized seamless design of the blade is designed to ensure high air delivery – giving you comfort when you need it.
The Activbldc technology converts 98% of the input current into usable power (active power). It is considered one of the best in the industry. Sleep well timer function – Setting the timer is now plain and simple. Press 1h to close the fan in 1 hour and so on.
The fan comes with a remote function that uses rf (radio frequency) technology. To operate, you do not need to point at the fan, just point anywhere! Equipped with a 5-year warranty and on-site service availability, just give a missed call or file your complaint on Crompton’s website

2X more silent
SilentPro is designed to provide superior air comfort with a quieter home noise level. Most traditional fans operate at 64 dB. Each increase of 10 dB in noise level is considered twice as loud. SilentPro operates at 52dB making it twice as silent as compared to its traditional counterparts.

High air distribution
The fluidized seamless design of the blade is designed to ensure high air delivery – giving you comfort when you need it.

ActivBLDC Technology
Crompton’s ActiBLDC motor is known for its high energy efficiency. It is designed to operate efficiently between a wide voltage range of 90V – 300V with a high power factor of 0.98.

Full of energy
SilentPro is powered by enso ActivBLDC technology (42W) which ensures 50% savings on your electricity costs compared to traditional fans (80W). * A BLDC motor consumes half the power of a conventional induction motor.

Annual savings
Do you know that a traditional fan contributes Rs. 3040 * annually, in your electricity bill. The Silentpro Aso consumes 50% more power than a conventional fan, costing you Rs. 1440 per fan annually. * Rupee. Considering the use of 16 hours at the rate of. 6.5 / unit.

Security cable
The SilentPro Enso is equipped with an enhanced safety feature that includes a safety wire that prevents a fan from falling off of improper installations or the wearing of fan parts over time.


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