Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus v2 Food Processors


Key Features

  • Inalsa Food Processor is so designed that until the blender side cover is closed properly, the processing bowl will not work & to start the blender jar it is must to close bowl cover. This is very important safety feature
  •  Its bowl cover is designed such that even by mistake your hand can’t get inside.
  •  The INALSA Food Processor is equipped with over load protector which protests its motor against sudden over loads by tripping the unit OFF automatically.
  • The Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 food processor has been fabricated to perform operations with 6 functional Cutters that allow any kind of kitchen operation to be done with ease, comfort and in very short time.
  • This food processor is with an extra powerful motor which can take 700 W Lod Continously for 30 mins. So you don’t need to worry for any food processing operation.
  • Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 food processor is a user-friendly food processor. It is provided with a main 1.5 l polycarbonate blender jar, a 1 l SS dry grinder jar, a 400 ml stainless steel chutney jar, & 1.0 Ltr processing bowl.
  • The product comes from the big name of ‘INALSA’ and is provided with a whopping 5 Year warranty on Motor & 2 years on product which ensures that you get peace of mind.
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Amazing Space and Time Saver – You no longer need to buy multiple devices to perform everyday tasks. It is a multi-function 700W food processor, it is all grinding, blending, mixing and juicing. Spend less time in the kitchen !!

Kaur like a sucker – this device is suitable for chopping, shredding, slicing, and emulsifying foods. It can make citrus and vegetable juices, beat cake batter and egg white, knead bread-dough and grind meats and vegetables; Input Supply: 230 V, AC; RPM Bowl Side (at no load) at max. Speed: 3000 Max; Cord plug / length: 2 pins, 1.5 m

Super quality and multi-purpose jars — made from high quality steel — can be used for powerful processing. 1.5 L PC BPA-Free Blender Jar, 1.0 L Dry Grinding Jar, 400 ml Chutney Jar. Whatever tasks you have, they will be completed in your work.

SAVOR FLAVOUR – With precise slicing and dinging, the fullness of each piece allows for a plate of cooking, even flavor, and thorough texture. The end result – a dish that tastes as good as it looks

SIT & RELAX, work perfectly for food. The main bowl has a capacity of 1L making it ideal for preparing large meals. No need to wait, you can process large amounts of food at once. Save time, food prep and money

Wide feed tube – can fit large foods like whole blocks of cheese for quick, easy processing and short prep time
Easy maintenance and silent display-attachments are easily replaceable and you can easily clean up after use. Wonder Maxi Plus V2 is quite unlike other food processors and offers a peaceful cooking experience

Setting with 3 Speed ​​Function – Choose between three different speed settings to control your chopping, shredding and grating. There is also a pulse function for extra power surge when you need it.
INCLUDES – Brake Resistant Processing Bowls, Centrifugal & Citrus Juicer, Egg Whisker, Fine Slice & Shredder, Coarse Slicker & Shredder, French-Fry Cutter, Coconut Shander, Kneading & Chopping Blade, Blender Jar, Dry Grinding Jar, Sauce Jar, Warranty Card And instruction card


It Purees tomatoes/ Crushes Ice/ Minces Meat/ Chop Onions/ Chops Ginger Garlic & Chilies/ Chops Cauliflower/ Crumbs Bread/ Chops Palak & Other Leafy Vegetables / Missi Roti Atta/ Slices Cucumber/ Cuts Cabbages/ Slices Potatoes/ Shreds Lauki/ Shreds Carrot/ Shreds Raddish/ Grates Coconut & Gola/ Pulps Chikoo/ Kneads atta/ Mashes Potatoes/ Shells Peas/ Batter for cakes/ Salad Dressing/ Whisks Eggs/ Whips Cream/ Churns Cream for butter batter for Vadas, Idlis &Dosas/ Mango Crush/ Milk Shakes/ Onion Paste/ Dry Grinding for masala/ Lemon Juice/ Carrot Juice/ Orange Juice/ Coconut Milk/ Soup Straining & much more. How to start: First, have a look at the polycarbonate jar, it does not leave any kind of smell and it is unbreakable too.There is no fear of breaking it, while it is dropped from your hands or the hands of your children. This device is completely safe. It has not 1 but 4 safety features. This cover is made in such a way that even your hand cannot go into it by mistake.There is no fear of breaking it, while it is dropped from your hands or the hands of your children. This device is completely safe. It has not 1 but 4 safety features. This cover is made in such a way that even your hand cannot go into it by mistake.

Let us know how this Atta Maker starts. For this you first have to understand how the Processing Bowl will fit on the main unit. For the bowl fitting on the main unit, combine the marking on the underside of the bowl with the lock on the main unit, and rotate the processing bowl anti-clockwise.

To grab the bowl cover from the side of your feeder tube, now mix the bowl cover with the arrow marked on the bowl and rotate it anti-clockwise and lock. You need to keep this in mind that until the bowl cover is closed, the appliance will not run. To remove it, press the release button and rotate it clockwise.

This reduces the risk of accident.

The processing jar will not work until the blender side cover is properly sealed. This is an important security feature. The processing jar cover has to be closed to start the composite jar. And remember never to use blending jar and processing jar together.

It also has an overload protector that automatically stops the device when it gets too hot.

If this happens, let it cool down and then press the indicator switch to restart it. It is usually ready to restart after 3 minutes

Pulse feature: rotates knob in left direction for pulse feature


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